Kanak Attack catered our wedding a few weeks ago and were absolutely amazing! The food was delicious and we got so many compliments from all our guests. The display was beautiful. Prices are fantastic and every person we worked with there was so helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. Highly recommend them for a wedding caterer…or any event for that matter!

-Samantha Dominguez


I just tried Kanak Attack/Pineapple Express for the first time and I cannot say enough good things. The vibe in the restaurant was great with fun music, clean tables, and really friendly people working. The food was even better! I am a vegetarian, so it can be tough sometimes to find new foods to try, much tougher than it should be really, but this place had me covered! They had four different kinds of rice I could eat and all the salads were vegetarian! (The salads are pasta salad, edamame pasta salad, things like that, not lettuce salad, so it was even more fun!) Finally, the tofu was wonderful, really crispy and the perfect amount of sweet with the sauce and my coconut rice. Highly, highly recommend this place and I will be a frequent visitor! Yum.

-Kelsey Gooden



Amazing service! Amazing food. I didn’t even get a picture of the food because I ate it so fast. We got the 3 entree and split it between 2 of us. There was even food left over. Best Hawaiian food in treasure valley!

-Orie Winger

Best brisket ever! Very considerate staff. I’ll be going there again it was wonderful!

-Hillary Duncan

I had their food at a wedding recently. It was so delicious. Everything was fresh, hot, and flavorful. Now I want to go to the restaurant for more.

-Linda Hedler

I lived on Maui for 13 years, so I’ve had plenty plate lunches but this was the best one ever! The food was so good! Staff very friendly and restaurant decorated so awesome! Mahalo Kanak Attack!

-Bobbi Anderson

This was some of the best Hawaiian food we have had since we visited the islands. We will definitely be telling our family and friends about this place.

-Lisa Ro

A must try! You will have a hard time finding something you won’t like. The employees treat you like family and feed you like you haven’t eaten in days. They also have a food truck.

-Brandon Pechin

Alo-ha! Man this place is dangerous close to my office! Absolutely delicious Hawaiian food! All their meats are tender and amazing! I love their rice options and yummy little fried rolls. Good prices and big portions even for someone my size!  Perfect for stopping in, always fast and friendly! Get a taste of the islands! Mahalo, y’all!!

-Hinsel Scott


AMAZING FOOD! We have 3 kids 4 and under, so going out to eat can be frustrating. But they were so nice here, they just smiled and laughed as the kids ran circles around the places. They explained the flavors and heat level of the different meats. I had the Kalua Pork, Teriyaki Chicken, and Chicken Katsu. They were all great. The 3 meat plate could feed 2 adults easy. The coconut rice was great, and I was surprised how much I like their salads, most Hawaiian places just serve coleslaw or macaroni salad. I got the pasta salad with my plate and I’m not sure what they flavored it with but is was delicious, and not what I was expecting. It tasted like Hawaii. My wife got the corn salad and it started cold and then the spice kicked in just a little in the after taste. Awesome. They didn’t have the fried onion strings like they use to when they were located over on Broadway, so I missed those, but overall just great food. The fried rices were good, but not as great as the coconut rice.

-Clayton Perry

First time here & it was delicious. You are greeted with an Aloha… The guy who helped me gave me a run down on all the menu & food they offered. Can’t go wrong with anything. Large servings, great atmosphere & the smell is amazing.

-Ro Hrndz

I have tried almost everything on the menu and I have loved it all. The short ribs are amazing, and worth the short wait. The macaroni salad is so good it has me day dreaming about nearly everyday. I have tried a different fried rice every time and was wise to do so. The spam pineapple fried rice had me shook. I didn’t expect to like that one and I was right. I loved it. Love this place.

-David Spencer