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Idaho Barbeque Menu

Idaho Potato Salad

Spinach Salad: Spinach, feta, bacon, red onions, and mandarin oranges with a huckleberry dressing.

Grilled Ciabatta Bread: With a roasted garlic spread.

Roasted Potato Medley: With fresh garlic and rosemary.

Grilled Salmon: With wild huckleberry thyme glaze.

Grilled Tri-Tip Steak: With a sweet rub served with horseradish cream sauce.

Wild Berry Cobbler

Lemonade and Water


Price: $17.00

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Mexican Barbeque Menu

Spanish Caesar Salad

Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salad: With jalapeno, cilantro, onions, and cherry tomatoes.

Grilled tortillas

Roasted Pepper Spanish Rice

Tequila Lime Grilled Chicken: Marinated in tequila and fresh limes

Grilled Shrimp, Onions, Peppers, and Pasilla Peppers

Kalua Bread Pudding

Lemonade and water

Price: $17.00

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Back Yard Barbeque Menu

Potato Salad


Kanak Smashed Potatoes: mashed potatoes smashed with kalua pig, scallions, sour cream, and butter.

Assorted Dinner Rolls: With whipped butter.

Baby Back Ribs: With a sweet smokey barbeque sauce.

Smoked Polish Sausage

Barbeque Chicken with maple habanero BBQ sauce

Apple cobbler

Lemonade and water

Price: $16.00

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Take Me Out to the Ball Park Menu

Potato Salad

Fresh Cut Watermelon

Kalua Pig Barbeque Baked Beans

Grilled Corn: With butter and kosher salt.

All Beef Jumbo Hot Dogs: With all the fixings.

Angus Burgers: Served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and all the condiments.

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Lemonade and water

Price: $15.00

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All American Menu

House Salad: Tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, onions, parmesan cheese with Maui onion ranch and soy ginger vinaigrette.

Assorted Dinner Rolls and butter.

Three Cheese Macaroni and Cheese: Gruyere, Gouda, and cheddar melt together with cream and baked with macaroni noodles.

Roasted Vegetable Medley

Rosemary Orange Grilled Chicken

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf served with a whole grain mustard cream sauce.

Apple Cobbler: Fresh apples mixed with cinnamon and sugar baked, then topped with nut streusel.

Price: $16.00

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Texas Style Menu

Slow Smoked Beef Brisket: Served with a Texas style BBQ sauce made with brisket drippings.

Grilled Kielbasa Sausage


Assorted Rolls

Kalua Pig BBQ Baked Beans

Potato Salad

Grilled Corn with cilantro butter.

Peach Cobbler with pecan streusel.

Lemonade and water

Price: $16.00

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Hawaiian Style Barbeque Menu

Tropical Fruit Salad

Hawaiian Style Macaroni Salad

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls: With butter.

Steamed Jasmine Rice

Grilled Teriyaki Steak: Marinated in a sweet teriyaki with a hint of Kona brew beer.

Pineapple Cheese Cake

Tropical Fruit Punch and water


Price: $15.00

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