Lighter & Healthier Options

Introducing Kanak Attack’s new Bento Boxes  & Rice Bowls!


Looking for a simple, convenient, and healthier alternative to fast food? Well, look no further than Kanak Attack’s new Bento Boxes and Rice Bowls!

Our new K.A. Bento Boxes and Rice Bowls are appealing because they are nutritionally-balanced, attractive, and delicious. Our bento boxes are inspired by the Japanese “bento”, or “meal served in a box”, and our goal is simply to provide delicious and healthy lunch alternatives that everyone can enjoy!

Our menu is inspired by the different cultures that have influenced the Hawaiian cuisine over time. Seasonal, locally grown, and natural ingredients are used whenever possible, and we stay away from pre-made, processed foods. All meats and vegetables are hand trimmed and all sauces and marinades are made in-house. We kept both health and nutrition in mind, without compromising on quality or taste.

Many of the dishes can be easily modified to be gluten free or vegetarian. Additionally, we offer low carb bento options, salads and sushi.

Our bentos and bowls are fun, colorful, attractive…and delicious, of course!


K.A. Bento Boxes

K.A. Bentos are served with a smaller portion of seasoned rice and an array of marinated and grilled meats, with either pickled vegetables or wok fried vegetables.

*Minimum of 10 orders per bento style

All Bentos are $10 each.


Hawaiian Bento – Served with furikake rice, teriyaki beef, grilled mango chicken, grilled miso mahi mahi & spicy cucumber salad

Korean Bento – Served with steamed rice, grilled beef kalbi ribs, spicy grilled korean chicken, & kimchee

Japanese Bento – Served with sushi seasoned rice, teriyaki grilled beef, grilled teriyaki chicken, California roll sushi & edamame soba salad

Chinese Bento – Served with steamed rice, char siu BBQ pork, grilled sweet & sour chicken, 5 spice grilled beef & vegetable fresh roll

Thai Bento – Served with steamed rice, grilled peanut chicken, thai basil grilled beef, shrimp curry & vegetable lettuce wrap

Idaho Bento – Served with steamed rice, grilled BBQ  sambal salmon, teriyaki grilled tri tip steak, citrus chili chicken & wok fried vegetables

Rice Bowls

Our rice bowls have a bed of jasmine rice, wok stir fried vegetables lightly tossed in a sambal sauce, and your choice of grilled marinated meats, fish, or vegetables. Brown rice or gluten free rice noodles can be substituted for an extra $1.00, and gluten free soy can also be substituted upon request.

*Minimum of 10 orders per rice bowl style


Sweet Asian Plum Teriyaki -Grilled Beef…..$9

Spicy Korean Kalbi Beef Short Ribs – a spicy Korean ginger teriyaki…..$10

Ginger Miso Teriyaki Salmon…..$10

Jawaiian Jerk Pork Loin – Jamaican jerk influenced dish packed with island heat & flavors…..$8

Citrus Chili Grilled Tofu Topped with Toasted Peanuts…..$8

Coconut Curry Shrimp – green curry and baby coconut flavor…..$9

Spicy Veggies with Edamame – an array of seasonal veggies wok seared with our plum teriyaki sauce…..$8


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